The Common Denominator

Checking in.

Life’s been swell and it’s been really nice meeting friends and connecting before heading to grad school. Now that I’m leaving, everything just seems so nice in my town. I guess that’s just the “vacation effect” where everything seems nicer than it actually is. 

I’ve been doing all the things I’ve wanted to do and man has it been nice. Not to my wallet but I don’t regret it. There’s always going to be an opportunity to make and lose money so there’s no stressing. I’ve been doing a lot of photography gigs too, so I’m really happy about that too. Life is calm and positively neutral and I’m content with that.

Regarding the issue mentioned in my last post, we hadn’t spoken in months since it happened so I was just going on about my life. It’s been a long, looong time since I’ve been genuinely upset with a friend ( i think the last time was like 2009 or middle school) but there’s no point broiling over it. Yes, she has finally stepped forward to kinda-but-not-really mend the damage (more like avoid the blame) but like I said, it’s been months now. Also, this person has been the common denominator for this kind of this already within our friend circle. I’m guessing I’m going to be removed outta the circle and written off just like the others with the “we just grew apart” BS but I’m not having it. At this point, I don’t really want to be bothered anymore and I don’t want to go to sleep angry. The whole practicing my fight speech in front of a mirror is really fun though. I feel like a actress. I’m not going to mention this anymore (unless we resolve it or she says something so damn ridiculous that I have to bring it back up) but when you travel you realize that there’s legit billions of people around us. I highly doubt finding a better friend is a difficult task.

And I’m hoping that’s what Luffy would say.


Moving on, I was reading about Stromae and how he’d stop making music. I was kinda sad at first but after re-watching all of his music videos it feels like he said what he needed to say. Not all of it, but enough to make a point. I’d really like to meet him one day, I think he’s who Kanye thinks he is.

I also don’t eat out as much anymore. I used to go to my favorite Korean restaurant multiple times a month and it’s not a cheap fast food place. I’ve been learning to make the dishes on my own but not to save money for survival or lame things like that. Nooo, I’m trying to book a ticket to go to LA to photograph celebrities. I know that sounds silly, but getting them to notice me and agree to a shoot took so much work and patience, I don’t want to take too long getting to LA and then they forget they agreed or they’re too busy. I don’t want to be rich or famous, I just wanna be able to pay my rent and take my family and friends to nice places.

For now, let’s try to pack for school and make it to tomorrow.

Ja na,



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