“Where do you go when you go quiet?”

Ohayo, it’s been a minute or two.

I’m about to graduate from college, but that’s not really important.


Tons of people already gave their opinion about her album, so I won’t repeat that (translation: I’m too lazy). I loved her narration and my favorite song is “Don’t Hurt Yourself”. I used to listen to trap music to pump myself up when I was angry, but Bey just surpass every trap song ever made (every musical genre tbh). Overall, I’m still proud to be African-American. And I now know not to ever upset Beyonce.



Moving on, I’ll be graduating in two weeks. Originally, the plan was to cut off all ties with everyone and start anew. Not because I had a rough time, I just didn’t want to miss anyone. I think I met a handful of really good people that I’d like to stay in contact with, and I’ll do what I can to maintain that, but that’s all I can promise. And that’s just life, I guess.

I really want to travel. But, I don’t want to do it on a budget and have to worry.

I also kind of wanted to tell or invite someone, in case I die or something, but I also wanted to go alone. I want to do my morning walk. I want to eat street food from the markets. And most importantly, I want to see Luffy.

I feel like I can’t move forward until I do.


forreal, I have to get on that ship.

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