“Miley, What’s Good?” and other captions I want on my tombstone


Haaaaaa. I won’t talk about the VMAs…because I didn’t watch it.

And probably never will.

What I DID watch was a video of Nicki Minaj roasting Baby Miley like a marshmallow.

But, I won’t get into that either.

I decided to make this post my “About Me” post and what to expect in future blogs since it is an obvious fact that I will be dropping such hot fire words of wisdom on the internet every now and then. I just thought you should know where these flames are coming from.


So…I’m just some college student. An INFJ who studies the floor. I’m trying to think of something to define myself, but I think it’d be easier to know by the posts I write. So, let’s just keep movin’. The reason for creating this blog is because it’s been about three weeks now since the beginning of my senior year in college, and I am being tested. And it’s not the school that is testing me, it’s the people inside. There’s the good, the bad, and the people so amazing you don’t know if you want to be them or be with them . So, I thought I should record my decline of sanity and see what I become at the end of the school year. Maybe I’ll become who I’ve always wanted to be. Maybe I’ll become what I’ve been afraid to be.

Maybe i’ll vanish into thin air tomorrow.

At least then I won’t have to worry about a zombie apocalypse or Lucious Lyon.


Sidenote: I’m a Ravenclaw.


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